Advice for older skin

You can recognize older skin by wrinkles, pigmentation, dry patches, sallowness and sagging. This has a variety of causes, the most obvious of which is of course that you have gotten older, good news.

Then the bad news, as early as your 20s, UV damage from the years before becomes visible. By now you have outgrown your 20s and the UV damage now shows itself through pigmentary distortions. In addition, changing hormone levels and reduced collagen production have probably affected skin elasticity somewhat.

Fortunately, with the new technological breakthroughs available in skin care, you can do more and more without the need for surgery. EmerginC's entire product line contains the latest technologies and powerful natural ingredients to improve skin quality to keep your appearance youthful. Regardless of your age.

With this skin type, it is not crazy to employ a skincare ritual of 5 or 6 products. If you give the skin what it needs at this stage, you will definitely be rewarded for it.

On this page we bring to your attention all the products developed especially for your skin type. At some steps we have a choice of 2 products, so you can create a skincare ritual that suits you!

Do you have older skin and specific skin problems, such as acne or just dehydrated skin? Then please contact us. We will be happy to give you personal advice on the products that can do the most for your skin.

The emerginC Pomegranate cleanser is an effective gel cleanser based on plant extracts, which does not dry out the skin. Contains plenty of vitamin C and antioxidants, from pomegranate extract, among others. Provides a fresher and more even complexion. The chamomile in the cleanser soothes and licorice root evens out the skin.

The emerginC Kombucha cleanser is a soap-free gel cleanser. Kombucha has a rapid and effective effect on collagen production. The cleanser also contains the super ingredient Whitonyl, which regulates pigmentation and fights existing pigmentation spots. In addition, it helps condition the skin, improves the complexion, fights free radicals and contains anti-agers such as grape seed stem cells. Voted the"Best Cleanser" for good reason after being launched in America.

The emerginC Spirulina Toner gives the skin a huge nutritional boost and helps restore moisture balance. The PH value of the skin is restored. The toner is wonderfully refreshing, even for on the plane and on vacation. Contains grape seed stem cells that work well as anti-aging and the pigment-fighting algae extract Palmaria Palmata.

The emerginC Swift Lift Peptide Firming Serum with revolutionary anti-wrinkle action based on a high percentage of anti-aging peptides. Has an immediate effect due to Instalift™, which firms the skin and has a cumulative effect due to the active peptides. The serum smells delicious. Use AM and PM, or only in the morning and combine with Vitamin C Serum 12% in the evening.

EmerginC Vitamin C serum is one of the most stable and concentrated vitamin C serums on the market. Contains StayC-50. Fights free radicals and is an important co-factor in collagen production. The serum improves skin tone and texture, counteracts UV damage and improves pigmentation and acne problems. For spots and sagging skin, this serum is ideal. Start with 12% then move on to the Vitamin C Serum 20%.

Use the emerginC Triple Threat Peel once every 1-2 weeks as a depth peel. The peel contains balanced natural fruit acids to leave skin smooth and radiant. At 12% powerful, but due to the PH value of 3-4, gentle enough not to harm the skin. Serums and creams are better absorbed after the peel.

For very sensitive skin or skin with rosacea, use Scientific Organics Poppy Seed Polish.

The emerginC Hyper-Vitalizer Cream is our bestseller that provides a quick reset of your skin. Moisture and fat balance are restored by Squalane and hyaluronic acid, cells are activated with Q10, restoring skin radiance. Vitamins E , F and H plus and the super antioxidant Alpha lipoic acid, rejuvenate the skin and reinforce each other's effect.

EmerginC Hydra Repair Capsules contain ceramides that fill the space between cells, for a super-light and smooth effect. Avocado oil, compared to other types of oils, is very well absorbed by the skin. Helps nourish, protect and repair the skin. Use for dry patches, after peel or sunburn and as a cure.

The emerginC Eyelight Cream contains all the cutting edge anti- agers you could want in an eye care product and is organic! The active ingredients in the cream are: dermSRC™, Astaxanthin, Acquacell™. Works highly rejuvenating, helps prevent puffiness and dark circles. Promotes the removal of moisture and waste products and prevents wrinkle formation.

The emerginC Revital-Eyes Mask are, as Jan magazine calls them, "miracle patches" for the eyes. An intensive mask to make your eye look fresh again. Soothes the skin, reduces puffiness and puffy eyelids. Use under the eyes with the wide side out. Leave on the skin for at least 10 minutes, or longer, until they dry.



The emerginC Crease Ease Emulsion is our flagship product. Successful due to its unprecedented high concentrations of anti-aging peptides and Unisteron, which counteracts skin sagging due to reduced estrogen production. Peptides should not be missing in care for older skin. Peptides are a huge breakthrough in skincare that has ensured that you can really achieve something with creams. The result of the emulsion is cumulative, so use consistently, AM and PM. Can be used as a cream or serum.

Sun protection is hugely important to protect skin from aging. The antioxidants and Aloe vera in emerginC Sun SPF+30 help neutralize free radicals and maintain moisture levels. The tinted version does not actually tint, but evens out skin beautifully. Ideal for glowing even skin at the beach!

Get your emerginC facial!

Fancy a comprehensive facial? Visit one of the emerginC salons for emerginC's fine facials. For older skin, we have multiple treatment protocols. Ask about the Anti-Aging Apple Stem Cell Treatment, Swift Lift Peptide Firming Facial, Super-Firm Facial and the Signature Radiance Facial.

We work with salons throughout the Netherlands. Find an emerginC salon near you!