Advice for oily skin

Oily skin produces a lot of sebum and often shows impurities such as pimples and blackheads. In addition, oily skin often shines more and makeup often does not stay on as well. Before we move on to the advice for caring for oily skin, it is good to determine whether you have oily skin or combination oily skin. Products for oily skin, for example, are geared to inhibiting sebum production, while for oily and dehydrated skin you might want to focus on restoring the PH value first.

At emerginC, we believe in using effective but gentle ingredients anyway, even for oily skin. We do not want to burden the skin, but rather support its recovery. You take care of oily skin with proper cleansing, hydration, exfoliation and protection. The product recommendation below incorporates all these steps.

Proper cleansing of oily skin is very important. In doing so, you want to stay far from harsh products that dry out the skin. The emerginC Deglazing Cleanser was developed to treat oily, blemished skin in teens, but especially in adults. The emerginC Deglazing Cleanser contains ingredients proven to be effective in soothing and improving blemished and troubled skin. These include sea buckthorn extract oil that contains vitamin C, flavonoids (with antioxidant and antibacterial properties), tocopherols (vitamin E), carotenoids (which break down in the skin to vitamin A), phytonutrients and high concentrations of essential fatty acids. Arnica is known for improving circulation, soothing, moisturizing and strengthening the skin. Citric acid improves elasticity and microcirculation, removes dead skin cells, keeps skin PH levels intact and helps protect against harmful bacteria.

With oily skin, don't forget the toner! The emerginC Lavender Toner is a light, soothing toner especially for sensitive and troubled skin. The toner restores the PH level of the skin. Balancing acidity is especially important for troubled skin. In addition, the toner helps refine pores and improve complexion and skin texture. In addition to lavender, the Lavender Toner contains chamomile, lemon balm, calendula, lavender, magnolia and green tea extracts; active ingredients that promote skin functions. Lavender, in addition to its wonderful fragrance, is best known for its soothing and purifying effects. It cools, soothes, relaxes, has an itch-relieving and antiseptic effect.

EmerginC Vitamin C Serum 20% contains pure vitamin C in the form of Stay-C 50, which is very active, yet gentle on the skin. It promotes collagen production and good circulation, fights scars and pigmentation, and makes skin strong and healthy. Can be used safely in the sun because of the high-quality vitamin C. Also contains the Gynostemma anti-aging complex with vitamin E and gingko biloba that enhances the anti-aging action of this serum. EmerginC vitamin C serum is one of the most stable, highly concentrated vitamin C serums on the market and is available in 12% and 20%. For sensitive oily skin, we recommend starting with the 12% concentration first. After that, you can switch to 20%. The serum also helps against scarring.

Many of the products for oily skin contain harsh and drying ingredients. We believe in a gentle approach to restore and calm the skin. The emerginC Scientific Organics Blue Poppy Seed Enzyme Polish gives your skin a hydration boost thanks to the enzyme from the Chinese mushroom Mocur Miehei, which, along with papaya and raspberry enzymes, restores softness and smoothness to your skin. Turmeric and tea tree leaf powder disinfect and purify, while you can get rid of dry patches extra well with the exfoliating poppy seeds and very finely ground fossil earth.

This wonderfully smelling product can be used both as a peel and as a scrub. Very special is that it restores the protective layer of your skin instead of attacking it like most peels and scrub products. Suitable for all skin types, but a must for sensitive skin and skin prone to breakouts. Leave the emerginC Scientific Organics Blue Poppy Seed Enzyme Polish on for three or more minutes for optimal results.

EmerginC Complexion Control is a light, hydrating moisturizer that balances and protects the skin. The vegetable oils, alpine willow bark extract and stearic acid nourish the skin and provide a beautiful(er) complexion. Oily or problem skin in particular benefits from this cream. Sebum production is regulated and acne outbreaks are prevented. Willow bark extract is the original source of salicin and a natural alternative to synthetic salicylic ingredients. Willow bark extract cleanses, promotes cell renewal and soothes the skin. Stearic acid occurs naturally in vegetable oils and provides care and protection to the skin. In addition, it ensures that the emulsion is easily absorbed. Glycerin is a natural moisturizer derived from vegetable oils. Helps skin retain moisture and prevents dry skin. Use emerginC Complexion Control in the morning and evening. The cream is also excellent as a base under makeup.

The emerginC Earth Hydrating Phytelene Cream with Chronocylin recommend we recommend for older oily skin because the cream hydrates and nourishes, but is not greasy. The emerginC Earth Hydrating Phytelene Cream contains the minerals copper, manganese, magnesium and iron, which are clinically proven to be essential for collagen production. This makes the cream a good anti-wrinkle cream for slightly oilier skin and older acne skin. Contains Chroncyline®, an ingredient that helps absorb vitamin D from sunlight. This cream also contains vegetable oils, ceramides and antioxidants that moisturize and reduce the harmful influence of free radicals. The minerals, antioxidants and vitamins stimulate collagen production and promote skin elasticity. Use the cream in the morning and evening.

If you have oily skin, you will benefit greatly from the effective emerginC Scientific Organics Phytocell Detox mask. The mask is a strong detoxifying mask that simultaneously nourishes and rejuvenates the skin through super ingredients such as seaweed and algae extract, grape stem cells, spirulina and Kombucha. The Phytocell Detox mask contains French green clay. This clay extracts and absorbs impurities from the skin without leaving the skin feeling tight afterwards. Use as needed 1-3 times per week.

Do you have oily skin and also see signs of skin aging? Then use the emerginC Swift Lift Peptide Firming Serum with a strong lifting effect. The serum provides skin firming and hydration. The lifting effect is caused by a special biopolymer from the sea: InstaliftTM. In addition, the serum contains myoxinol, green tea, micro-collagen pentapeptide and witch hazel, among others.

Use the serum in the morning and evening before applying skincare. Apply a few drops to clean skin, wait two minutes and for optimal results, apply a few more drops mixed with your favorite cream.

Oily skin also requires good protection from UV radiation. In addition, this prevents pigmentation after skin inflammation, which can be a regular occurrence in oily skin. At emerginC, we have one sunscreen in two variants; a colorless variant and a variant with a tint. For both variants of emerginC Sun SPF 30+, they lubricate finely and do not leave a haze on the skin.

EmerginC Sun SPF 30+ sunscreen SPF 30 is a sun protection with natural, mineral sun filters. Protects skin from UVA and UVB radiation. Helps keep skin in good condition during and after sun exposure. Provides simultaneous care through the addition of vitamins, antioxidants and botanical extracts. Based on Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, Seabuckthorn Extract, Allantoin, Pine Bark Extract, Panthenol, Licorice Root, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Glycerin. Use before sun exposure and apply frequently especially after perspiration or swimming.

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In the salon, ask about emerginC facials for oily skin, the Signature Radiance Facial, the Purifying Facial and Aromatic Signature Facial.

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