emerginC Glow Mama Skincare routine

When you become a mother, a good skincare ritual sometimes falls by the wayside. Making, giving birth to, feeding and caring for a child demands a lot from you and your body.

All these processes make claims on your energy supply, and there is often very little energy left for your skin. The skin is more likely to be dehydrated, more prone to pigmentation disruption, and wrinkles faster.

LouLou Machinè is Aryuveda and pre-conception coach as well as mother to Chiara (14 months). We put together the Glow Mama Skincare routine for her. A skincare routine with fine products that nourish and support the skin and help get her glow back.

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Step 1 - Kombucha Cleanser & Spirulina Toner

The emerginC Scientific Organics Kombucha Cleanser helps maintain skin condition and soothe sensitivities. The cleanser improves skin tone and repairs damage caused by free radicals. Helps against the formation of pigmentation and combats skin aging.

The emerginC Scientific Organics Spirulina Toner is a fresh tonic based on spirulina, grape stem cells and algae extract that is packed with nutrients. The toner works to nourish, detoxify and hydrate.

Step 2 - Vitamin C serum 12% (or Active Hydrating Complex for sensitive and very dry skin)

EmerginC Vitamin C Serum 12% contains pure vitamin C in the form of Stay-C 50, which is very active, yet gentle on the skin. It promotes collagen production and good circulation, fights pigmentation (pregnancy mask) and makes skin strong and healthy.

EmerginC Active Hydrating is a lightweight facial gel that hydrates and softens sensitive, oily and dehydrated skin. With chamomile, aloe vera, vitamin B and plant-based collagen. Helps red skin and sensitive skin, as well as especially blemished skin, which often lacks moisture. The malic acid present normalizes sebum production due to its high content of natural sulfur.

Step 3 - Blue Poppy Enzyme Polish (once a week).

The emerginC Scientific Organics Blue Poppy Enzyme Polish gives skin a dewy hydration boost thanks to the Chinese mushroom enzyme from the Mucmor Miehei. Turmeric, tea tree leaf powder and poppy seeds disinfect and purify the skin; dry patches diminish and skin tone and texture improves.

Step 4 - Hyper Vitalizer Cream

The emerginC Hyper Vitalizer Cream is the day and night cream of choice for tired skin, and mom. The cream restores the skin and gives an energy boost to skin cells. Suitable for dry, sensitive or oily skin. Restores moisture and fat balance quickly and is indispensable in the skincare routine for tired skin, and mother.

Step 5 - Rawceuticals® BLEND™.

EmerginC Rawceuticals® BLEND™ is a cold-pressed protective moisturizer with black cumin, hemp, kakadu plum and PhytoVie® Defense Urban Shield. A rich, anti-aging moisturizer created specifically to protect the skin from environmental aggressors.

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