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Connective tissue massage- something for you?

You hear so many different stories about connective tissue massage, so we like to tell you what our experiences are. It's been called the facelift without cutting , but also that it could actually weaken connective tissue.

The idea behind it is that you loosen the connective tissue with a special technique and massage away the adhesions that have formed -due to poor circulation and accumulated waste. These adhesions hinder the absorption of nutrients (from outside and inside) and also the oxygen supply to the skin. Ultimately, they also cause sagging.

If you remove these adhesions, the result is a firmer skin, a reduction in lines and wrinkles and a stimulation of the microcirculation and collagen production. Very nice, despite that the massage can be experienced as quite painful, especially the first time. Because a course of treatment is recommended, you will notice that this becomes less painful over time, once the adhesions fade. The results are immediate, and in our opinion quite stunning. And who doesn't like instant results? 

So why do you sometimes hear negative comments? That's because if the connective tissue massage is not performed properly, you can create an opposite effect, where you actually slacken the skin.

So always ask carefully what the training has been and how much experience someone has. Not the time to take a gamble.

We have very good experiences with the Connective Tissue Bar in Amsterdam; their therapists are very well trained. As an extra bonus they work with emerginC products during and after the treatment; all the active ingredients that are even better absorbed enhance the result, especially with pigmentation complaints and anti-aging desires. The vitamin C serum and vitality mask are doubly effective and it shows.

Annemarie from Enfait was recently at the Connective Tissue Bar. Curious about her experience? Click here.  

They also do body massages that fight cellulite. You can also do these mechanically at the Body Tuning Clinic in Amsterdam, with their LPG machine. Also highly recommended. They use the super powerful Scientific Organics body slimming serum for a strengthening effect, based on fat breakdown promoting algae. This serum is available separately at both locations.

When is connective tissue massage not suitable? If you have a low pain threshold, flaring rosacea where you do not want to promote the microcirculation, or very active acne. For breakouts and acne scars, it is highly recommended.

Email us if you have any questions! we'll put it to our team of experts.

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