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The importance of pH on the skin

Forever 39 asked us about the pH value of our products and the influence of pH on your skin. Very important, that pH value. Silke tells you all about it in this blog.

Very important, that pH value. It's a value from 0-14 that indicates how acidic or basic something is, with 0 being acidic and 14 being basic. 7 is considered neutral (pure water, for example), but our bodies (yes really, all of ours), hover pretty precisely around 7.4. At a small deviation from pH (for example, pH 6.8 or 7.8) we go into a coma and die. This is to show how tight this pH is and how important it is. The pH balance of the skin is in the so-called acid mantle of your skin. This consists of sebum, exuded lactic acid and amino acids. In balance, it has a value of pH 4.5-5.5 and protects against pollution, allergens and bacteria. Also very important: a correct pH value ensures that your skin retains moisture.

An alkaline skin

Does your skin suffer from dryness, crow's feet or premature aging? Is it sensitive or do you have pigmentation symptoms? Then it may well be that your skin is too alkaline. This is often caused by your foaming cleanser or soap and shampoo. Or is your skin rather oily, irritated, easily red or painful? Suffering from flaming acne? Then your pH may be leaning toward too acidic. The culprit is often over-peeling and exfoliating with acid-based products. So if you have acne and think you need to do a lot of peeling to keep your pores clean, you may actually be making your problem worse.

A good pH level is the foundation

The pH is of fundamental importance to emerginC, you get that. If it is affected, you will have problems, it's as simple as that. After that, it doesn't really matter what else you apply in terms of active ingredients. Your skin is simply not at its best when the pH is affected. What can you do to solve this? You don't have to suddenly apply acidic or basic products. All you need to do is make sure your products are pH neutral. Between 4.5-6 your skin can handle well. With the exception of the acidic peels, emerginC's products meet this.

So emerginC's advice: always work on skin repair first before tackling problems. And especially when it comes to the barrier function. With certain products you can build this up quickly; our Rawceuticals BLEND and our Hydra Repair capsules are made for this. Perfect "post peel wizards". Furthermore, Hyper Vitalizer is our bestseller, because this product brings your skin to the ideal pH. As a result, your skin retains moisture better, becomes more even, smooth and has a beautiful glow.

Peels and pH

And what about those peels? Although our peels are strong; up to 30%, the pH is always between pH 3-4 which means that the skin does not burn and you do not peel. So they are slightly more acidic, but still mild compared to most chemical peels that are between pH 2-3. Those we strongly discourage. But a mini acid bath can give dry, dehydrated and alkaline skin an enormous boost and regulate moisture. Look closely at how your skin reacts to it and then always use a product that restores and temporarily absorbs the barrier function.

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