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Silkes blog: "Why I choose emerginC"

Silkes blog: "Why I choose emerginC"

I would like to introduce myself: I am Silke van der Laan and I am going to keep a blog for you for Indigo Cosmetics. In this first blog, I want to tell you why I am so enthusiastic about the products of emerginC.

For years I had been looking for the ideal brand especially to address pigmentation issues. After a long search through many products, I found the emerginC brand. How wonderful it was to find a product that does not go on the attack, but instead supports your skin and makes it healthy again, and that helps solve your problems with the target serums. My pigmentation disappeared almost completely, and I had found my brand. Especially when it turned out that it is such a sympathetic brand, which does business conscientiously, with respect for people and nature.

So why do emerginC's products work so well? That's what I wanted to know, and I started looking into the ingredients. These are extraordinarily effective and are present in significant percentages, sometimes as high as 15% or more, rather than mainly present on the label. They are the top of the line of what is available in this field today, and emerginC follows developments closely to implement new innovations as quickly as possible.

In my next few blogs, I'd really like to further initiate you into the "secrets" of emerginC.



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