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What the pep are peptides?

Lately you see more and more skincare products passing by that incorporate peptides. Peptides are building blocks of (long or short chains of) amino acids, which in turn are the basis for proteins (proteins). The peptides incorporated into skin care formulas can be of natural or synthetic origin and there are many different types, such as pentapeptides and neuropeptides , each of which is attributed a specific action or certain property. In any case, most peptides act as a moisture-binding agent and have "cell communicating" properties to support natural skin repair.

Although peptides, like most skincare ingredients, cannot work great miracles on their own, they can help maintain strong skin condition, radiant glow and a smooth, soft skin surface in a skincare formula. However, in order for peptides to actually do something for the skin, a key requirement for emerginC, it is important that they are mixed in the right doses with other active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and powerful plant extracts so that they can reinforce each other in action.

emergincswiftpeptidefirmation serum1emerginC Swift Lift Peptide Firming Serum 

This breakthrough formula consists of an effective blend of active matrikin oligopeptides ("messengers for the cells"), patented tetrapeptides (stimulate cell renewal), algae-derived peptides (tightening effect), hyaluronic acid and various plant extracts that provide an immediate visible firming and hydrating effect. Over time, the distinct appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will also diminish. Operation: suitable for daily use to reduce visible signs of aging. The skin gets a youthful, even and radiant appearance.

emerginC Scientific Organics Peptide Booster Serum

The Scientific Organics series consists of products based on 100% natural ingredients, 70% of which are organically grown. Accordingly, the new Peptide Booster Serum contains an advanced, active peptide of natural origin: ColhibinPF™ from rice extract, which can inhibit the breakdown of collagen and protect the skin from stress factors caused by UV radiation. The formula is also enriched with bamboo extract (rich in silica), a pomegranate concentrate, red algae extract, superfood kombucha and the antioxidant everyone is talking about: astaxanthin, a powerful carotenoid found in algae, plankton and fish. How it works: use the serum daily under day/night care to strengthen skin condition, even out a dull, blotchy complexion, and address signs of skin aging.

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